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Let’s imagine that sector of your business is very popular, and even your neighbors are shops with practically the same product. How to stay noticeable and show your peculiarities? Art Home addressed to us with such a problem.


Having analyzed the market and target audience, we understood, that it would be difficult to become noticeable using only the product, in particular, wallpapers and colors, But, Art Home had one quality, rare on the market: high level of service, which was shown in the care about clients beginning from their first appearance in the shop and till the delivery to home.

We decided to show all that in branding and positioning. “The point is in their care” – that was our thought and we began to develop branding, We elaborated a logo “Simple, convenient, high quality”. We have reflected all this in hard copies, posters and even coloring books for children.


If the main thing in a company is service, then consultants and managers come into play. But most clients are not at all in the mood to talk to someone, much less ask for advice. How can you show the company's service then?

We developed a design for posters-navigators around the shop, which makes clients to enter into a dialogue with the company without even talking to the consultants.

With a vibrant color palette, the posters grabbed attention and served as a reminder of themselves.

Hard copies

Our posters offered to take coffee away in branded cups. This not only increased customer loyalty, but also served as a reminder of the company. Having passed even a hundred shops, a potential client will remember ArtHome, holding a cup in his hands.

Coloring book – flyer

While analysis of the target audience, we found out, that mostly it is composed of women with children. We doubt that children are interested in textures and prints of wallpapers, and they can disturb their parents from choosing wallpapers. So, we created a coloring book with popular images and added contacts and a logo of ArtHome.
In this way we have changed a traditional image of an advertising flyer.


Taking only one detail of the company as a basis, we looked at it from completely different views: conversations with consultants, making comfort for the client and making his way from choice to purchase easier. And we packed all this into one bright and memorable branding.

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